Let Twitter Inspire Your Next Idea for a Blog Post

Ever felt like the creative well was running dry? You need an idea for a blog and suddenly you’re at a complete loss for an interesting topic?

I can’t relate. All of us who’re in the business of creating great content (or even just blogging casually) experience the occasional case of writer’s block. There are loads of great articles dedicated to helping folks get over the creativity hump (I’ve included links to my favorites at the end of this post), but one suggestion in particular caught my eye over the weekend:


Take Your Most Popular Tweet and Shove It (into your next blog…)

An interesting Twitter stream is a natural source of ideas for blog posts, but I liked Jennifer’s suggestion of looking to my own tweets to help inspire deeper discussion on popular topics. Simple concept, but it makes sense!

I liked this so much I wanted to implement it immediately, which brought me to the question of  well, “How do I find my most popular tweets?”

Step 1: Use these tools to find your most popular tweets:

A little Googling around revealed a load of (free!) Twitter Analytics tools. I’m listing three that are specifically designed to help you ferret out your tweets that got the most attention.

  1. My Top Tweet by TwitSprout (analyze your most re-tweeted tweets)
  2. Topsy – Instant Social Insight (tweets that generated the most social interaction)
  3. Twtrland (more general usage stats, but interesting)

Step 2: Turn those tweets into ideas for a blog!

After using the tools above, you should see some common tweets emerge as your “popular tweets” (it feels so good to be popular!). Make note of these potential topics for your next blog post (or two), do a little research, and start writing!

A Quick Housekeeping Tip

A lot of Twitter Analytics tools require authorization from your Twitter account. That’s not scary in and of itself, but it is a good idea to periodically go through and de-authorize apps from your Twitter account that are no longer in use.

Twitter Apps Authorization

Let the (Idea) River Flow

Still need ideas for a blog topic? Here are some great articles:

What inspires your writing? How do you pick the next topic for your post? Have a different tool you love for Twitter analytics? Leave a comment and tell!


  1. says

    Interesting read, Carrie. The “OMG what the hell do I blog about today?” theme is one of those never-ending sources of potential posts, similar to the “SEO is dead because…” theme. In this case, it helps if you’re most popular tweet was, in fact, actually popular.

    I tried checking my most popular tweet on Twitsprout and it turned out to be a RT of someone else’s tweet. :(

  2. says

    Carrie – Hey thanks for the shout out! Blogging consistently for long periods of time can be tough and coming up with new topics, even tougher! So happy one of my tips helped!