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Be Thankful (For a Big Ole StudioPress Discount)

What’s the big deal about StudioPress?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are the top 5 reasons I’m thankful for StudioPress and why I so highly recommend it for your WordPress site:

  1. Amazing community. There’s a lot of great (and friendly and helpful) conversation online around StudioPress and the Genesis Framework. On Twitter, use the #genesiswp hashtag to keep up with the discussion. Or check out the Google+ Genesis Framework group.
  2. Great support. StudioPress rolled out a new ticket-based support system designed to get you quick answers.
  3. Kick-arse themes. There are tons of great WordPress templates to choose from. So many. If you can’t find one you like, you’re looking too hard. :)
  4. On top of technology. The Genesis Framework is continually improving and evolving to take advantage of the latest WordPress has to offer. All newly released StudioPress themes are mobile responsive and include HTML5 markup. The team is working hard to deliver updated versions of older themes, making them mobile responsive, too. If you’re starting a project with the Genesis Framework, be uber-confident that your code is squeaky clean and awesome.
  5. Easy to learn. There are seemingly endless resources, tutorials, and blog posts to help you learn more about the Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes. (The Genesis Finder is a great tool to help you find all things Genesis). As you’re learning, you’ll quickly discover you’re not floating in a sea alone, because there is an amazing community (see #1) out there to help you along the way.

Carrie Dils

I’m a recommended Genesis Developer with 15+ years experience in web design and development. I'm creative, resourceful, and ready to put my mind to your project. Want to discuss your WordPress project? Let's talk!


  1. carlin says

    I’m planning to do more with WordPress sites and I see you can do about anything I need done on a custom site. but what about the little plain jane sites I want to launch without putting much money into them? Is Genesis a good choice or do they all require some CSS knowledge and coding to be done? In other words, are some usable right “out of the box” for non coders like me?


    • says

      Hey Carlin,
      Good question. Basically, any theme demo you see in the StudioPress marketplace can be configured with no code knowledge (there are detailed tutorials for each theme). If there’s any aspect of a theme you don’t care for or would like to change, those customizations would likely require some basic CSS or code knowledge. So, on the one hand, they DO look great out of the box, but that’s assuming you LIKE them exactly per the demo.

      If you’re planning to keep learning and setting up multiple websites, Genesis is a great learning investment – like you said, it’s made to be customized and is highly flexible. If you’re looking more for a one-shot deal or just to get something up quickly, there are other theme frameworks that are friendlier for the non-coder. Just depends on your longer term objective. :)


  2. carlinstantonCarlin says

    Def planning to do a lot more with it as time permits. i guess I need to look more closely at Genesis. I assume your firm offers customization to the “nth degree” (Is that how you spell nth?) for those sites that have to be exactly what a discriminating client requires? And are they all mobile responsive? If they are not, I think we will be digging a big hole to fall in down the road…

    Thank for taking the time,

  3. Luisa Fernanda says

    Hi, I’ve been eyeing Genesis for a while right now to use with my client work but I can’t find an answer a question I have which is: when you use Genesis for client work, do they have to buy the framework and a theme or can you install the framework you purchased yourself and develop a brand new child theme? That part is very unclear and I’ve gone over the Studiopress site looking for the answer and I can’t find it! I hope you can help me out.

    • says

      I don’t know about *soon*, but I usually see the discount happen a couple of times a year. :) The good news… Existing StudioPress customers get a standing 25% discount on purchases, so there’s that. :)

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