Be a Lovecat

Be a Lovecat

Love is the killer app.Everybody’s inspired by somebody, right? Whether it’s art, fashion, kindness, or code, we take our cues from the people we respect and admire. If we follow their leads well, we might even receive the honor of some one else’s respect and admiration.

Author Tim Sanders wrote one of my favorite business books, Love is the Killer App (How to Win Business and Influence Friends). It was written in 2003, so you might giggle at some of the technical references, but his #1 chunk of business advice is timeless:

Be a Lovecat.

How do you become a lovecat? By sharing your intangibles… Love in business is a matter of sharing your knowledge, your network of relationships, and your compassion – or any combination of the three.

I Wanna Be a Lovecat

More times than I can count, I’ve been on the receiving end of someone else’s knowledge, network, or good ole-fashioned compassion (thank you, Heather, for keeping me company at that networking happy hour all those years ago – you introduced me to people who’ve shaped my career).

So, when people ask me to share, my answer is WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW?

Twice in the past week I’ve been asked by strangers to share my resources (knowledge) and my network (relationships). I responded to both and it occurred to me maybe others would find it helpful, too. So, I’m gonna share like a lovecat.

A quick note: There’s nothing special about me or my list, these are simply some of my influencers. The following is not meant to be comprehensive (or exclusive). I’d have carpal tunnel by lunchtime if I typed them all…

Share Knowledge

Below are resources I use for learning and keeping up with business and the WordPress industry.


I’m reading (well, listening to) Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port and it’s a great read for a little soul-searching into your ideal client/project.

For a ridiculously great list of business books, check out Cory Miller’s All-Time, Ultimate Reading List.

Business Blogs (by technical people)

  • Chris Lema – Business relationships, customer service, freelancing.
  • Cory Miller – Entrepreneurship, career advice, working at what you love.
  • Curtis McHale – Client experience, communication, smart spending & practical tips.

Technical Blogs (by business people)

  • Bill Erickson – Into the guts of Genesis Framework and WordPress.
  • Chris Coyer – Tons of goodies for front-end developers, especially CSS tricks.
  • Tom McFarlin – Development philosophy, standards, and discussion.

Design Blogs

  • Design is Philosophy – Technical design and theming.
  • Megan Gray – Keeping it real when it comes to presenting yourself and your designs.
  • Rafal Tomal – Design process, typography, and other goodies.


Develop Your Developer Skills

Honing your craft is a combination of reading, learning, trying, failing, asking, doing, and repeating. While there are some fantastic technical blogs out there and one-off tutorials, sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little for an organized track or course.

Share Relationships

Relationships take time. There’s no magic bullet to grow your network overnight into meaningful connections. But you already know that.

Here are some folks who’ve influenced and helped me in the WordPress world. These are all links to their Twitter accounts, ’cause that’s where I find good conversations are started.


These ladies pull me into community, make me laugh, and encourage me to contribute.

WordPress Community Badasses

If you want to know what community participation looks like, follow these fine folks.

Coders & Teachers

These folks care about coding quality and standards and keep me on my toes, teaching along the way.


More smart people who engage, share, and make me smile.

Get to Know People Podcasts

Check out these podcasts for interviews and introductions to some fantastic people in the WordPress community and tech industry.

Share Compassion

How you reach out to and engage with others is specific to who you are and how you operate. Imitation doesn’t really work here – it’s about finding a way to show compassion as a natural extension of who you are.

Here are some examples I’ve seen in the WordPress community recently.

Keep it Real

Brian Gardner, the brains behind StudioPress and all-around Interesting Man, re-launched his blog a short while ago to focus on writing that’s personal.

I’ve finally wrapped myself around the idea that I’d rather affect a few deeply, than many on the surface. With that said, I’m going to be changing the tone of my blog and consequentially altering the things I write about. – excerpt from post Redefining My Website

By separating his technical posts from his personal thoughts, he’s chosen to connect on the topics most important for him. Read through the comments on some of his posts and you’ll see how those interactions are opportunities for compassion.

Empowering Others

Jen Mylo, Automattic employee and all around promoter of equality and community, was a driving force to enlist WordPress as a mentoring organization with Google Summer of Code (GSoC) the GNOME Outreach Project for Women (OPW).

I am beyond pleased to announce that this summer we will be mentoring 8 interns, most of them new [WordPress] contributors… – excerpt from GSoC/OPW announcement

How cool is that? Eight interns partnered with veteran WordPress mentors and an opportunity to learn and contribute on an open source project.

There were LOTS of WordPressers involved (I don’t mean to leave credit on the table – so please pipe up in the comments), but the bottom line is Jen used her position and her passions to create opportunities for others.

Are you a Lovecat?

Do you share your knowledge, your network, and your compassion within a business context? If so, has it strengthened your business? Ever been a time when worked against you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments…

Carrie Dils

I’m a recommended Genesis Developer with 15+ years experience in web design and development. I'm creative, resourceful, and ready to put my mind to your project. Want to discuss your WordPress project? Let's talk!


  1. says

    First of all, this is an incredible resource page! Awesome stuff. I have to keep this bookmarked. Second, Carrie, you are one of my go-to developers for all things Genesis. I super appreciate you. Seems like when I need help with Genesis related stuff, you are around. It might be a comment on someone else’s website or helping out in the StudioPress forum. You are one of my heroes! Thank you so much. Also, I love that you live in Fort Worth where I used to live. It helps me keep connected to the city some.

    I am glad you are Lovecat. :-)

    • says

      Hey Jacob,
      I appreciate you leaving a comment here (and on other posts as well). It’s the interactions that help drive the value of the content for other readers.


  2. says

    Thanks for including me in company with Cory and Chris. I didn’t think I was near them at all, but that’s the third time in the last 2 weeks I’ve been mentioned with them.

    And you’re awesome to Carrie. I’m always happy when we get to chat.

  3. Kim Parsell says

    Thanks for including me! I enjoyed talking with you earlier this summer about contributing. Glad to see you get involved! If you ever need to chat about anything, I’m available.

    You’re an awesome lady, Carrie Dils. 😉

    • says

      KIM! Thanks for stopping by with a comment. You are a rockstar in the WordPress community and I appreciate your open-armed approach to teaching others. You rock, chica.

  4. says

    Can I be a Thunder Love Cat? That would be awesome — either way thanks for including me here! Awesome list and privileged to be mentioned!

    • says

      Of course you can! Glad I’ve gotten to hang out with you via Week in WordPress a couple of times. When I was first getting to know WordPress, the Matt Report was such an awesome way to get the extra insight into all my “WordPress heroes.” And it still is, for that matter.


  5. says

    “Twice in the past week I’ve been asked by strangers to share my resources (knowledge) and my network (relationships).” … I was just going to email you with the same question and then your post came out. Thank you very much for sharing this stuff! Good Karma to you!!

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