Setup the Homepage for the AgentPress Theme

Update: 2/13/14 – Hey, I’ve got good news! You know that update you’ve been waiting for? A mobile responsive, HTML5-ready real estate theme for Genesis? Well, today I have a gift for you. :)

Introducing the Winning Agent Pro theme for the Genesis Framework.

Awhile back I wrote a post on how to customize the homepage for the Associate Theme from StudioPress. I’ve got similar questions recently about configuring the AgentPress Theme, so I thought I’d outline how to set up that homepage like the StudioPress demo.

AgentPress is a WordPress real estate theme, created by StudioPress for the Genesis Framework.

1: Widget Areas on the AgentPress Theme

For starters, let’s talk about the widgets that make up the homepage. There are seven widgets that are only displayed on the homepage with another six that get displayed both on the homepage and on the rest of the site pages (Header Right, Footer Widgets, and Disclaimer).

The image below shows the widgetized areas of the AgentPress homepage (left) and their corresponding widgets in your WordPress dashboard (right).

AgentPress HomePage Widgets

These widgets are called Legion, for they are many.

2: Plugins Needed to Power the AgentPress Theme

AgentPress is a little confusing at first. In order to set up the home page as seen in the demo, you’ll have to download a couple of extra plugins.

AgentPress Listings

StudioPress created the AgentPress Listings plugin specifically for use with the AgentPress theme. Use it to create YOUR OWN property listings on your site (as opposed to general MLS listings). If you’re a realtor who doesn’t happen to list your own properties, you probably don’t need this plugin.

dsIDXpress IDX Plugin

While this plugin is free to download, it requires a paid subscription from Diverse Solutions. This plugin gives you the ability to add MLS listings to your site (and your visitors to search those listings). There are other IDX plugins for WordPress available, but AgentPress was made to integrate with dsIDXpress. If you want to use another IDX plugin, you’ll just have to do a little customization (instructions for that are outside the scope of this article).

3: Which Plugins Power Which Widgets

Say that 10 times fast!

This is about to get fun. I’m going to knock out the boring easiest widget areas first, which means starting at the bottom of the AgentPress homepage and working our way up.

Disclaimer: Use a Text Widget here to say whatever you want, like “I can’t guarantee there’s not a squatter living in these properties. Call me!”

Footers 1 – 4: You can technically use whatever widgets you want here, but if you want it set up like the demo, here you go:

  1. Footer 1: IDX Listings Widget
  2. Footer 2: Genesis Featured Posts Widget
  3. Footer 3: Genesis User Profile Widget
  4. Footer 4: Text Widget (Pair it with the Simple Social Icons plugin for some cool social media icons)

Featured Bottom Left: Genesis Featured Posts Widget

Featured Bottom Right: Genesis eNews Extended Widget (this particular widget will be deprecated in Genesis Framework 1.9, so I suggest downloading the pimped out version of the plugin that adds support for a variety of mailing services)

Communities: Don’t let the communities fool ya! These are just good ole WordPress pages. Use one Genesis Featured Page Widget for each community you want to highlight on the home page.

We’ve made it halfway. You ready to drive this puppy home?
Keep on reading for a treat at the end.

We’re going to bust out the graphics for the top half of the page. This image is from the admin dashboard and shows which widgets belong to which plugins.

agentpress widgets

And here’s how those widgets correspond to the homepage:

AgentPress Theme Homepage

Note that if you’re a rebel and don’t want to start off using the dsIDXpress plugin, you could use the AgentPress Listing Search widget as an alternative in the Property Search spot. This is not a great option (remember that this will only pull back results for property listings that you’ve individually/manually added to the site), but it’s a place to start.

And now for the grand finale

Since you’ve done the hard work to endure this post, I’m going to reward you with a fantastic video of Christmas lights synchronized to Gangnam Style. Enjoy!


  1. jed gray says

    This was a very helpful find! What page attributes doe you need to have in place for all of the widgets to work on the homepage?

    • says

      I suspect at some point down the line StudioPress will release a responsive version of AgentPress. For now it just is – I’d be dubious about a plugin that claims to make a site responsive. :)

  2. says

    Gee your post is much helpful than the one AgentPress released. However, after following all your stuff here I still could not see why my home page is still blank. Would you help me please? Here is the site I am working on: sklenargroup dot com

    • says

      Hi there,
      It looks like you’ve got the home page back up (or at least it’s not blank). From your WP Dashboard, go to Settings > Reading and make sure you have the option checked to show “latest posts” and not a static page. Otherwise the home.php template won’t be used and your home page won’t look like the demo.

  3. Liz says

    I’d really love to use the Agent Press theme, and this walkthrough made it seem easy to work with, but it also reveals one minor panic. I have a subscription to FlexMLS, not to dsidxpress… it doesn’t specify this on the sales page for the theme, and it’s good to find out before buying, but…

    I hear you saying “If you want to use another IDX plugin, you’ll just have to do a little customization (instructions for that are outside the scope of this article).” How much customization are we talking about? I’m not finding ANY explanations, though my google-fu may just be coming up short. Can you share any guidance?

    • says

      Hi Liz,
      Great question! I admin I haven’t used AgentPress with another IDX so I can’t speak to what those customization steps are. My gut is it shouldn’t be too big of a deal, but I can’t say for sure since I haven’t done it!

      Have you seen this website: StudioPress is getting ready to roll out a majorly improved service for real estate agents. If you click through the website, somewhere there is a spot for contact or pre-purchase questions. I think that’s your best place to get some answers.

      If you find out some good info, please come back and leave a comment – inquiring minds would like to know. :)

      • says

        HI, I just created a Real Estate site using AgentPress and FlexMLS. It wasn’t difficult to customize the Property Search field to fit the MLS search box, but it did require a little CSS work. I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to building a website, but after quite a bit of trial and error I got everything to work. I’m not sure about other IDX options, but FlexMLS uses iFrames and I wasn’t thrilled with how the actual FlexMLS search results looked. There is another option though to get a site that looks more like the AgentPress demos… for another $240 annual fee (it’s on top of the regular FlexMLS fee). There is a FlexMLS IDX plugin for WordPress and after using it for a week now, I would highly recommend it. It includes widgets similar to what’s shown above and makes everything very simple. I have found there is not a lot of help on the web for how to use the FlexMLS IDX plugin, but I have been able to figure most things out… again, with a little CSS knowledge and lots of trial and error. I have also called FlexMLS IDX plugin customer service a couple times and everyone is very helpful. Hope this helps!

  4. Carleigh Chadwick says

    Hi there, I have a few questions…do you know if there is a way in which we can edit the appearance of the footer horizon? Also, is it possible to remove the taxonomy for ‘Features’ or at least re-order it? Have you ever used hover text with this theme? I am a beginner!!! Thanks!

    • says

      Hey Carleigh,

      You can definitely edit the footer styles via CSS, but that’s advanced customization depending on your comfort level with CSS. :) Not sure about the Features bit as I haven’t played with it, but I’m guessing it could be done.

      What’s hover text? Like a tool tip or pop-up type thing? Haven’t used it either, but doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

      Have you been over to the StudioPress forums? There’s not an AgentPress-specific area, but if you do a search for AgentPress you’ll see other questions posted/answered that might be helpful to you. You can always post your own, too!


  5. says

    I was playing around with the agentpress theme trying different things to get comfortable with it and now I want to reload the theme and start from scratch.
    When I deleted the genesis theme, agentpress theme and all the plugins – then uploaded them again, they saved a few things from before and I’m not getting the original default settings –
    Any ideas? I cleared the cache first – didn’t help.

    • says

      Hey Sheila,
      That’s going to be stuff saved in the database, so the cache clear won’t help. If you don’t have ANYthing you need to keep, you could re-install WordPress (not just the files, but the database too).

      You probably don’t have to go nuclear though, unless you just want to. :)


  6. says

    Hey carrie,

    I am thinking about buying this to list products. Can the custom field type be edited? Can I add more custom fields in the IDX search box?

    If neither is possible, know any other theme that can do this?

    PS: Awesome article. Thank you!


    • says

      Hi Hari,
      When you say products, do you mean listings? If it’s actual products and you want to sell online, I’d recommend a shopping cart, not an IDX. Custom fields are part of the WordPress structure and not specific to Genesis, meaning you can add to them and use them with *any* theme. That said, you’d probably need to customize a theme to *display* your custom fields.


  7. says

    Awesome tutorial here! I am using this theme to build out an education based site that will feature schools rather than real estate listings. One question I have is how do we insert images into the slider? Also, I’m not seeing a Genesis Slider widget within my widgets console. Is this a plugin you had to download?

  8. says

    You saved me from hell. I was trying to make the real estate theme work with another IDX plugin and failing miserably. Thank you

  9. greggr99 says

    Hi Carrie. Love your site. Really informative. Question please? I see the How much is your home worth widget. I had it but it was deleted by mistake and can’t locate it. Can you point me in the right direction?

    • says

      Thanks Greg! That’s just the Welcome widget area on the home page. There’s no special functionality there – check the AgentPress demo site – you’ll have to set up a form or whatever for users to fill out.


      • says

        Hi Carrie, I’m in the same boat as Greg. I have figured out how to add the Welcome photo (How much is your home worth) and I can add the url to a new page for it, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to add the form! Any suggestions? Your tutorial has helped me immensely…thanks so much!


  10. says

    Thank you for keeping up on this.
    The Agent Press “Agents” plug-in, which seems to be the only one available, does not work under WP 3.5.2.
    The authors don’t seem to updating it.
    Do you know of any other plug-in that would allow for the agent to be displayed with his/her assigned property?
    For a brokerage firm with multiple agents, is there a better way to manage the listings?

    • says

      Hi John,
      You’re right that the Agentpress Listings plugin leaves a little to be desired. Once WordPress 3.6 is released (hopefully very soon), StudioPress will release Genesis 2.0, a fantastic upgrade to an already awesome framework. Alllll of that to say, I strongly anticipate a re-release of the AgentPress theme and am hoping the AgentPress Listings plugin (or its replacement?) will see new versions as well. That’s only speculation on my part, but keep your eyes peeled. :)


  11. Susan says

    Carrie – great info!! Thank you. I was wondering, do you know what widget or plugin is used on the AgentPress demo site for the “client testimonials” (in the “featured bottom right” under the newsletter sign up block)? Again, THANK YOU!!

  12. dmagilljr says

    I have what seems like a simple question, but the primary sidebar widget keeps showing up on pages past home page. What am I doing wrong??


    • says

      Hi Dennis,
      By design the primary sidebar doesn’t show up on the home page and does show up everywhere else. Did you mean a different widget area?


    • says

      Looks like that layout wasn’t intended to accommodate a second row of featured listings. You need that 1st listing in each row to clear the elements above. Try adding this to your CSS:

      .featured-listings .listing:nth-of-type(3n+1) {
      clear: both;

  13. says

    @Carrie Thank you; you are awesome. That fixed the home page. Any idea how to fix a similar issue on the “more listings” page (so many people have mucked with this site, I’m afraid to do much, and I don’t have access to the server where it lives.)

    • says

      Almost exact same code, but since it’s an archive page, swap out .featured listings for .post-type-archive-listing

      .post-type-archive-listing .listing:nth-of-type(3n+1),
      .featured-listings .listing:nth-of-type(3n+1) {
      clear: both;

      Technically you could ditch the first class and just target .listing, but not sure what else you have on the site and it might have unintended consequences. I’d use the above code just to be sure.


  14. says

    Hi Carrie!

    Great article, thank you so much for sharing. How would one go about changing the homepage to a static page while keeping all of the widgets there? -Struggling to figure out how to implement this with Genesis’s home.php confusion…


    • says

      Hi Britney,
      I’m not sure I understand your question as all the widgets are displaying because of home.php. If you wanted to show a static page on your site instead of home.php, just go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays… and then choose any static page you want. Of course, you lose the home page widgets in that case since you’re not utilizing home.php anymore, but rather a static page from your site.

      Hope that helps a little. If not, feel free to clarify what you’re trying to achieve.


  15. says

    Hi Carrie,

    Thanks a lot for sharing esp. the layout. Excellent !!!. How do I display a previous / next arrow on the homepage (blog section) and on individual posts?


      • says

        Hi there,
        You won’t be able to without modifying the actual home page template. The standard loop isn’t running on the home page and posts are only pulled in via widgets. It could certainly be done, but is a more advanced customization.


  16. says

    Not about the home page, I know, but your code snippets totally fixed the problem with my mother’s site, now I’m trying to fix a site for her colleague ( Is there a way to paginate the listings archive page? If so, how, please?

  17. sule says

    Hi thanks for your help .. around the theme .. but I have a problem I can not solve … how to make an one-page list of all listings .. or abridgement listing with small thumbnail please help .. thank you ..whether it is possible to this topic…???

    • says

      Hi Sule,
      If you’re using the AgentPress listings plugin to populate listings, I believe there’s an archive template page included to show all. If you’re bringing in your listings from an IDX, you’d need to refer to your IDX provider for instructions.


  18. says

    Great site! Very informative :-D. However, I have been trying to figure out how I can change the sequence of the properties listed at the home page of the site. The first property i created as a listing automatically goes at the bottom of the list. I need to do it the other way around or choose which property appears first on the list. Perhaps you have gone through such issue? Really need help with it.

    • says

      Hi Aby,

      You should be able to select the specific listing ID of the post you want to feature. Check here for more information on how to use the Genesis slider plugin.


  19. says

    Carrie – I’ve had an AgentPress site for 3 years and still get a little confused on which widgets do what. Your article (especially the diagram) is better than anything AgentPress put out for help.

    BTW, if an agent doesn’t want pay for a 3rd party IDX solution, check with your local MLS. Our MLS (part of Carets in Southern California) allows agents to use a simple IDX solution that is free, direct from the MLS. I simply created a page which includes the link for the iframe of the IDX and it works perfectly. IT is a direct link to the MLS and it has no data lags or problems that occur with some third party sites.


  20. says

    Hi Carrie. Great article. However, I do have a question. On the individual Listing pages in the AgentPress demo it has a Property Details section. I have it set up to enter the details but I can’t find how to enter “Additional Features”. When I preview the page, it shows “Additional Features” like it does in the demo, but I can’t find how to add the features. The Property Details under Edit Listing doesn’t show Additional Features but the category still shows up on the page. Any thoughts? (Sorry, I’m building the site offline, so I can provide a link to the website)


    • says

      Oh goodness, I haven’t looked at it in so long I don’t recall. You might check in the StudioPress forums and see if someone else has had/solved the issue.

      • says

        i’ve selected the full width content template, unfortunately it doesn;t work.

        This is giving me a headache because I don’t know how to solve this issue

        • says

          The full width layout is not the same as the template being used to display the page. On the right hand column of the page editor screen, look for the Page Attributes box and try changing your template.

          Page Attributes

          If none of those templates correct your issue, you can manually override the CSS being applied to that page. If it’s still giving you a headache, I’d suggest hiring Justin from Genesis Tweaks to go in and fix it for you.


  21. says

    Scott, the additional features is a category, actually custom taxonomy, that AgentPress Listings plugin automatically creates for you. Under Edit Listing, add features on the right to the Features taxonomy.

      • wdbmagic says

        Hi Carrie,

        Enjoyed reading all the information about agentpress – I have a problem that when searching for properties against a certain criteria if the seaech listings displayed are more than three there are often gaps that appear for no obvious reason to me. My guess is that it is a css issue similar to MissMelliss on 21 October. I have tried the suggestions but with no improvement. Any help appreciated –

          • wdbmagic says

            Hi Carrie thanks for getting back to me. I’m afraid I’m still seeing some gaps around where the 10th,19th and 20th pictures should be. I wonder whether it is possible to isolate part of the css – in the example you gave to MissMeliss you suggested
            .featured-listings .listing:nth-of-type(3n+1) {
            clear: both;

            My issue is not with featured-listings I think it is with another property but I can’t figure out which it is in the search listings.

          • says

            Yep! Check out this Firebug demo to help locate the CSS element you need to target. If you can identify the culprit and send a link where the layout is misbehaving (it looks good to me in the above link you sent), I’ll see if I can help.

  22. says

    Hi Carrie,

    Great tutorial, was a great reference during the setup phase of my page! The only issue I still have is when I added the IDX diverse search box instead of the regular properties search box the IDX widget is longer than the genesis slider pictures I have next to it. I tried going in the slider settings and however that only adjusts the height and width of the box as opposed to the picture. Any thoughts on how I can even out these two areas by increasing the slider picture size to match up.

    • says

      Hi Joan,

      A couple of options to try… In your functions file you’ll see an image size added for the slider, like this:

      add_image_size( 'slider', 590, 300, TRUE );

      You can change that image size dimension to be whatever you want (something taller), save it, then install/run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. That should get your slider image to a bigger size (you may still have to adjust the box size settings as you described).

      Other option is to target elements from the IDX widgets via CSS to make them smaller. (i.e. less padding/margin around form select boxes, etc.). Here’s a Firebug demo that might be helpful for that.

      The first option’s probably easier. Just depends which one you prefer. :)


  23. says

    Hi, Carrie;
    Thx for the great tutorial.
    I got behind in my updates of WP,Genesis, & Agentpress, so tried to do them all back to back. Now I’m having some problems…. 1). The area that was set for my Main slider (Cyclone Slider2) & the property search widget are misaligned; 2;) the Cyclone slider has stopped rotating (looks great in “preview” mode on Cyclone setup page) & : the Agentpress primary sidebar widget shows up on homepage on top of what used to be the property search widget.
    Can’t figure it out….Any ideas?

    • says

      Hey Rick,
      Sounds like you’ve gotten in a bit of a pickle! Not sure why the WP/Genesis updates would have caused any issues. If you updated AgentPress then you would have lost any style customizations previously applied.

      I took a look, but your site is down for now. Depending on your comfort level mucking about in the CSS, you may want to hire someone to sort it out for you and save your sanity. :)


  24. says

    Thanks for the response. I did figure it out. Here were the probs in case it helps someone else:

    1).Genesis Layout Extras caused the primary sidebar widget to display on the homepage…it’s been deactivated.
    2). I had been using WP slider &/or TheThe Fly slider. They conflict with Cyclone 2. They’ve been deactivated.

    That allowed correct layout & the slider to work, but you’re right, the style customizations were lost, so I’ll need to recreate those. At least the site is off mtce & working again.

    Thanks again for your original post, & shortly I’ll be looking for someone to sort out the rest of it. I’d much rather be a real estate broker than website designer :)