Gravity Forms Require All Fields

Gravity Forms – Automatically Set All Fields to Required

require all the fieldsToday’s post is a super-quick tip for folks using Gravity Forms, a powerful forms plugin for WordPress.

Our mission? We’re going to require that all fields be required. That’s right, we’re going to require required.

The Problem

I’m building out a site containing some long forms where every form field needs to be required.

Do you know what’s soul-sucking? Having to go through a form with many fields and click “Require” for each one. I’d rather be eating jelly beans, or cleaning out my sock drawer.


Gravity form required fieldWouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to automatically check the “required” box for every form field? Why yes, it would!!

The Solution

A quick Google search didn’t net the solution I needed. So, pulled a lazy move and tweeted the question:

While I got some interesting answers (and other folks wondering the same thing), it turns out the amazing Naomi Bush already solved the problem.

Let me introduce you to Gravity Forms Utility, a free plugin created by Naomi.

How to Make it Work

Step 1. Go to the Gravity Forms Utility page

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom and click the big Download button

Gravity Form Utility pluginStep 3. Fill out your name and email and submit.

Step 4. Check your email.

Step 5. Download the plugin and install it in your WP dashboard via the plugin uploader.

Step 6. Activate that sucker.

Step 7. Go edit a Gravity Form and you’ll notice a nifty new “Utility” option where you can toggle all fields required.

Gravity Forms All Fields Required

Step 8. Save your form (the page doesn’t auto-refresh, so you won’t notice your change until you save it)

Step 9. Tweet Naomi and tell her she’s amazing.

I’m just highlighting one feature of the Gravity Forms Utility plugin, but the plugin has some other nifty features. For instance, it adds an admin column to your Forms page, showing you which pages your forms  are used on – handy!

One Last Thing

In my search for the “require all fields” solution, I stumbled across this helpful post that’s perfect for when you’re testing a website with forms and don’t want to fill out every single form field. Genius.

Carrie Dils

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this, Carrie. As a free plugin author, it means a lot when your work is helpful for someone else and they share it with others. And, if anyone has an idea for something else that would save you time when working with Gravity Forms, just email me.

  2. Ginger says

    This, right here, is why the WordPress community is such a great place to be. Chickens, now safe, are circling the yard again.

  3. says

    Carrie I so appreciate your tutorials. How much? I’ve been wanting Gravity Forms for awhile. Today I finally decided to purchase. I ensured to first come to your site just to give you a bit of affiliate click-through love.


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